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Opal-white acrylglas tubes

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Milk-white acrylic tubes are more and more popular with clients. They can be made of extruded or casted plexiglass, depending on their application. It is the manufacturing technology that determines the properties of such tubes. Extruded milk-white tubes are cheaper but less resilient; we should choose this form of manufacturing if we need a large quantity of tubes because it guarantees production repeatability. On the other hand, however, casted milk-white tubes can be used in harsh conditions and at higher temperatures. Also, it is difficult to scratch them. Unfortunately, because of the more time-consuming and less automated manufacturing method used, they are more expensive to buy. Still, if we need to install our tubes outdoors and want them to be durable, we should choose casted milk-white tubes.

Milk-white tubes and milk-white plexiglass have a wide range of applications in the construction industry. They will make perfect elements of window panes which cannot, or should not, be transparent. Milk-white tubes combined with milk-white plexiglass will effectively replace glass in shower stalls and partitions separating toilets/cubicles in public buildings, e.g. sporting facilities. Plexiglass is resistant to both tension and compression and it can be safely used at temperatures of up to 70–80 degrees Celsius. It is resistant to weathering, including snow and hail, as well as ultraviolet radiation. Producers can form plexiglass into any shapes and letters. Making plexiglass plates causes them no problems whatsoever. Usually, they are limited only by their clients’ imagination.