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Polycarbonate tubes

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Polycarbonate tubes are becoming more and more popular. Their properties make them more resilient than plexiglass tubes. Polycarbonate tubes can be installed wherever plexiglass cannot be used due to a risk of damage caused by high temperatures. Why is this so? It is assumed that extruded plexiglass tubes and casted plexiglass tubes can be used at temperatures of up to 70 and 80 degrees Celsius respectively. Polycarbonate tubes will not be damaged by temperatures of up to 120 degrees and, at the same time, they are by far more resistant to hitting. Consequently, we can cut, trim, carve, bend and even laser-etch them easily.

Polycarbonate tubes will also replace glass effectively. A polycarbonate tube is not only several times lighter, but also up to thirty times more resilient than a glass tube. As a result, a polycarbonate tube will make a perfect anti-burglar or impact-resistant partition. Polycarbonate is less fragile than plexiglass and this is why polycarbonate tubes are used wherever there is a high risk of mechanical damage. Resistant to weathering, transparent polycarbonate is completely colourless and it allows over 90% of light to pass through. Ultraviolet radiation does not turn it yellow. Polycarbonate tubes are slow-burning and their heat-insulation rates are high; this is why they are often used in astronautics as well as the construction and car industries. Also, there are no limits in terms of shaping them into various kinds of plates, no matter what their dimensions or thicknesses are. As far as special orders are concerned, the range of colours is full. Would you like to have an opal-white polycarbonate tube? No problem at all!