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We need to use a special glue, which has to be transparent, in order to bond two or more plexiglass items. It would be best if the glue was light-hardened. Bonding done by means of such a glue is going to be very durable and flawless; the gluing substances guarantee that there will be no air bubbles in bonding and the bonded elements will remain transparent. Glues dedicated to bonding plexiglass items can be bought from DIY shops and some local shops selling chemicals. Still, we must pay attention to the quality of the glue we wish to buy as some glues which are available on the market are not going to meet our expectations (e.g. bonding invisible to the human eye).

High-quality glues dedicated to plexiglass items will allow you to bond them at a right angle. They will bond flat surfaces in an unlimited way. What kind of glue is the best one? In order to get a fully transparent surface without any air bubbles, you should use UV light-hardened glues. What distinguishes them is the fact that they do not begin to harden until the plexiglass elements are irradiated with ultraviolet light. This allows you to position your plexiglass elements freely while bonding them. Once you have had the right position of your elements, you can begin hardening the glue. You must not forget to clean the elements carefully before you start gluing them. You can use some special foam to do so; it degreases plexiglass and gives a high gloss to it.