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PVC-U tees

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Plexiglass tees are yet another type of connecting elements made of PMMA and sold by firms producing plexiglass items, including couplers, elbows, tubes and rods. Thanks to their physical and chemical properties, acrylic glass tees are almost as transparent as glass and by far more durable and resistant to mechanical damage. They do not brittle or break. Moreover, weathering does not damage them or turn them yellow. Plexiglass tees can be effectively used in the chemical and construction industries because they are resistant to acids, bases and salts. Frequently used as decorative elements, they have also become popular with advertising agencies. This must have been caused by the fact that plexiglass is very plastic and easy to machine.

Plexiglass tees can be bonded by means of special glues allowing them to remain transparent as well as preventing air bubbles and impurities from occurring on the plexiglass surface, which is never damaged by the gluing substances. Before gluing, plexiglass items should be cleaned with some special foam. What should we pay our attention to while buying our plexiglass tees? They should be of the right length, thickness and diameter as they will have to match the other connecting elements such as plexiglass couplers and elbows. Firms manufacturing plexiglass products frequently offer made-to-measure connecting elements to meet their clients’ special requirements.