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PVC-U elbows

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Plexiglass elbows are pipe connecting elements which are more and more frequently being used instead of elements made of PVC or polycarbonate, which is a lot more expensive. Plexiglass elbows are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. Also, they are almost as transparent as glass and, at the same time, less fragile and breakable. Plexiglass elbows can be bonded with other elements by means of special glues dedicated to plastics. We must remember to clean plexiglass elbows with some special foam before bonding. According to specialists, it is advisable to use UV light-hardened glues. Why is this so? The answer is that such glues remain transparent and, as a result, plexiglass itself preserves its most important properties: colourlessness and transparency. What is more, such glues prevent air bubbles in bonding and do not begin to harden until they are irradiated with UV light, which makes it possible for us to position the elements freely and guarantees durable and flawless bonding.

There are several versions of plexiglass elbows. They differ from one another in length, diameter and thickness; these determine their durability. Because of their specific form, plexiglass elbows are made of UPVC, which is not perfectly transparent. This, however, does not make it problematic to use them. Apart from plexiglass elbows, various kinds of plexiglass tubes, rods, connecting couplers and tees are also available. All these elements allow us to produce all kinds of plexiglass forms which, thanks to their properties, can be used in the construction, chemical, advertising and car industries.