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Extruded Acrylglas Tubes

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Extruded tubes are very frequently used for decorative and industrial purposes. Thanks to their properties, including lightness in particular, extruded plexiglass tubes can easily replace glass, which is by far less resistant to mechanical damage than plexiglass. Transparent PMMA tubes are resistant to weathering and ultraviolet light. Moreover, they do not react with acids, bases or salts. How are extruded tubes made? They are simply extruded by means of a machine which melts down special plastic and forms it into made-to-measure tubes. Compared to casted tubes, extruded tubes are much cheaper to produce, so their prices are lower. For safety reasons, extruded tubes may be used at temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. Satin acrylic tubes and casted tubes can be used at higher temperatures.

What are the practical applications of extruded tubes? They are perfect for decorative purposes and very popular in the advertising industry; the range of colours they can be produced with is almost full. They are also used for making 3D lettering, advertising boards and leaflet stands. Their transparency is long-lasting and enables us to use them for making illuminated objects. Extruded tubes are also used in the construction and car industries; they can be installed outdoors and they do not turn yellow with time. However, we must remember that extruded tubes are more difficult to machine than casted tubes. Extruded tubes can be made to any measure (length/diameter). Their durability depends on their thickness.