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Satin acrylglas tubes

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Satin acrylic tubes are offered for sale by specialist producers of plexiglass tubes. They are extruded and have certain properties and applications which differ from those of fully transparent plexiglass tubes. Due to their colour, satin acrylic tubes are often used in the marketing and advertising industry. Just like other plexiglass products, they are characterised by their resistance to weathering and ultraviolet radiation. Plexiglass does not turn yellow, and its colour does not fade, even when utilised in the city for many years. It can be bonded by means of glues and is resistant to chemicals, weathering and mechanical damage.

Satin tubes may also be made of polycarbonate, which is much more resistant to damage, but this increases the production cost considerably. What satin tubes are made of really matters because this influences their durability and the way they look after being used for several years. What should our satin tubes be made of? The answer to this question depends on where they are going to be installed. Due to their durability, they can be used as interior design elements, e.g. parts of chandeliers and lamps, as well as furniture elements, e.g. strengthening of table tops. Satin tubes go particularly well with glass parts of tables.

Satin tubes will make perfect staircase guard rails as well as terrace and balcony guard rails, inside and outside your house respectively. These tubes can be cut to any measure and profiled without any problems whatsoever. Moreover, their thickness, which affects their durability and determines their tension and compression parameters, can freely be chosen depending on the application of the tubes.