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PVC-U couplers

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Plexiglass couplers, which can have various dimensions, are used to connect other PMMA elements. Durable and resistant to weathering and chemicals, these couplers are effectively used wherever we need to obtain perfectly transparent products. Although plexiglass connecting couplers are made of UPVC whose transparency is not full, the percentage of light that passes through them is still very high thanks to modern production technologies. Plexiglass couplers, which can be used in the chemical and car industries, will perfectly replace connecting elements made of PVC or polycarbonate.

Plexiglass is becoming more and more popular with clients. It is easy to machine mechanically by means of saws, milling machines and hand tools. Plexiglass does not brittle or break even when used for many years. To bond elements with plexiglass couplers, we can use special glues dedicated to plastics. Before bonding, we should clean the elements using some special foam, which will also give a gloss to them, and then we can start gluing them. We must also remember that the open time of such glues is not too long (at home). This is why it is advisable to use UV light-hardened glues which allow us to position the elements freely while bonding as they do not begin to harden until they are irradiated by means of a special UV light lamp. Moreover, plexiglass couplers remain fully transparent in the point of bonding.