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Acrylglas round rods

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Plexiglass® rods are characterised by their high transparency (up to 92%) and resistance to various kinds of damage. They are neither fragile nor breakable, which is not the case with glass. Plexiglass® rods are used in a number of industries, including the advertising industry in particular (various accessories). Plexiglass® rods can be extruded or casted, depending on their application and the client’s requirements (extruded ones are cheaper but less resilient than casted ones). Plexiglass® rods differ from one another in terms of their diameter, thickness and length. Their price depends chiefly on whether they are extruded or casted.

Plexiglass® rods are highly valued by companies producing interior design accessories, furniture and other accessories (decorative elements of lamps, tables and chairs). Moreover, thanks to their high service temperature and resistance to acids, salts and bases, plexiglass® rods are used in the chemical industry. Resistant to injurious ultraviolet radiation, plexiglass® rods can be bonded by means of special glues. It is advisable to use fully transparent professional glues, thanks to which air bubbles and impurities in bonding are avoided. Plexiglass® rods are very plastic and easy to machine mechanically by means of milling machines, circular saws and lasers. However, due to their thinness, you should not make any holes in them on your own; it is advisable to ask the producer to make them for you.