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Plexiglass products

For many years now, plexiglass has been getting more and more popular in various industries. What are the most important characteristics of plexiglass? This plastic is very transparent; in fact, it is as transparent as glass is, but it is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation, acids and salts. Because of these properties, plexiglass does not turn yellow and its transparency lasts for a very long time. Plexiglass is very easy to machine and very resistant to tension and compression. Consequently, it is difficult to break it. However, plexiglass cannot be used at temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Celsius; it begins to soften at 115 degrees Celsius, though. Plexiglass is also considered to be an eco-friendly plastic which is quite easy to recycle.

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January 21, 2020

Transparent plexiglass

Transparent plexiglass vs. glass What do we need to have while installing our plexiglass items? […]